SP630 Pro

SP630 Pro

Classic handheld POS terminal

and upgraded performance.

New Core is Built-in

Which is twice better than the last generation, ensuring the seamless operation of transactions.

Humanity Design

Reliable Quality and Durable

50W Times

50W Timesicon

Magnetic stripe card reader, IC card reader, The life span is more than 500,000 times. The life span of the physical key is more than 500,000 times.

Stable Connectivity

The standard 4G communication module

(still supports 2G /3G communication)
adapts to the wireless communication in most regions all over the world.

  • 4G (support 3G&2G)

    4G (support 3G&2G)

Type-C Slot

Security, As Always

Security, As Always

With the world's highest level of payment security
PCI 6.X and EMV 3.0 compliance

SP630 Pro is the product with the highest safety level
among the same type of products.

Adaptable accessories
satisfying more extensive scenarios


Fully certified and PCI-compliant terminal range for any business need or customer experience. SP630 Pro is PCI-PTS 6.x certified and EMV CL 3.0, satisfying the latest hardware and software security requirements.

Business Scenarios

Technical Specifications


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